Assembly Press (ACP)


This machine is designed for situations where higher pressures are needed to laminate parts.  The ACP is ideal for product assembly.  It can be used for leather goods, sandals, rigid face laminates, parts laminated with pressure sensitive film adhesives, hotmelts, or contact cements, and for many other applications.  The lower roll is fixed, and the upper roll is mounted on pivot arms that allow it to open up to 1 ½”.  The pivot arms are connected to air cylinders that pull the roll down with high pressure.

  • Both rollers are driven at the same surface speed.  Roller speed is variable from 0-60 ft per minute.
  • Squeeze pressure between rolls can be adjusted by changing air pressure.  Squeeze pressure at 100
    •    psi is approx 500 lbs.  (Higher pressures available with optional larger cylinders).
  • Rolls covered with non-tacky urethane rubber to 3 1/4 “ diameter.
  • Safety circuit stops rolls and causes them to open up if guard in front of nip point is hit.
  • Standard roller opening up to 1 ½”, 3” roller opening available as an option.
  • Initial opening between rolls is adjustable
  • Cam mechanism is used to separate rolls to prevent flat spotting when not in use.
  • Available in 18,24,32,45,50, and 62” widths.  Custom widths available.
  • Operates on 115 Volt power (220/240 Volts available as an option).
  • Welded stands with locking casters also available.
  • Can be used as a pull roller.  When this is done it can be equipped with a larger gearmotor.
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